• FEELING BAD – queer pleasures, art & politics, 2011

    The fanzine FEELING BAD was made in connection with the film “working on it” www.workingonit.de a collaboration between Sabian Baumann & Karin Michalski & many artists, activists & theorists.

    With contributions by Ann Cvetkovich, K8 Hardy, Wynne Greenwood and tektek/Berlin.

    Editor: Karin Michalski
    A conversation with Ann Cvetkovich by Renate Lorenz & Karin Michalski.
    Graphic design: Dafne Boggeri

    The FEELING BAD fanzine including a poster by Sabina Baumann, „queering idols“, and by Dafne Boggeri, „FEELING BAD“, can be ordered at

    fanzine PDF download (6,4 MB)

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